Green building

The concern of DOMUS LINEA S.r.l. for “sustainable development” has led to the creation of the Cotto Domus and Nobili Casati collections, another step forward in the development of green technology for protection of the environment and those living in it. “Sustainable development” and “environmental responsibility” are an essential part of the mission of the Domus Linea group and apply to all products created and to the entire production chain.
Products of the Cotto Domus and Nobili Casati series by Domus Linea are made of terracotta with a high biocompatibility. In particular, these products are made of unprocessed, natural clay used ‘as is’, with no addition of chemicals. Cotto Domus features selected clay with the lowest level possible of radioactive emissions. In fact, the Cotto Domus and Nobili Casati ranges consist only of products that are certified and proven to be safe and suitable for use in any environment. The production process of Cotto Domus and Nobili Casati products has a low environmental impact; all rejects are reused for production and most of the energy employed for firing is recycled in the drying department to save on fuel and reduce the emission of CO2 in the environment. Clay quarries, at a limited distance from the factory, are reinstated after the extraction activities have ended.
DOMUS LINEA guarantees protection of the environment, also by means of activities that have the purpose of redeveloping the territory. Furthermore, Cotto Domus and Nobili Casati floors boast excellent heat insulation and thermal inertia; they are transpiring and contribute to maintaining a healthy environment.
Thanks to the above features, Domus Linea obtained Certificate of Conformity n° EDIL.2011_003 for its Cotto Domus and Nobili Casati collections. The Certificate is issued by the Istituto per la Certificazione Etica e Ambientale (Italian institution for ethical and environmental certification).