DOMUS LINEA has been inspired by the ancient tradition of Cotto and has reinterpreted it for contemporary needs by means of a wide selection of sizes and surfaces, combined with a complete range of trim pieces. A project that can play a leading role in many projects, both residential and public.

The certificate for Green Building

The prestigious ANAB certified the product to the group of materials "IDEAL FOR GREEN BUILDING" and is issued by ICEA only after rigorous laboratory tests and inspections on the production site. The ANAB mark certifies that a product is sustainable from all points of view: ecological, economic and sociale.Domus Line Ltd. He took up the challenge of the future, aware of the growing importance of protecting the environment we live in.

What is the certificate for Green Building

It guarantees the consumer, through laboratory tests and after the screening of a technical committee, the ' absolute environmental sustainability of the product.
The analysis starts from the raw materials, ensuring the absence of substances harmful to humans and the environment: water management, air emissions, energy consumption, production technology, packaging, management of production waste and waste must meet high quality standards and abide by strict regulations.
A product with the ANAB mark is analyzed in its entirety with a study of the life cycle (LCA, Life cicle analysis) in order to assess its environmental impact and its performance throughout its use, from its creation to its disposal at the end of life.