Technical Area

“In this section, Domus Linea presents products with the highest technical performance, namely products that can offer the best solutions for specific requirements. Industrial Klinker, for instance, that has a thickness of 15 mm and offers effective resistance against the mechanical stress caused by heavy vehicles within production facilities. Furthermore, thanks to its low absorption and to its hygienic properties, industrial Klinker fulfils the most stringent healthcare standards, such as those applying in laboratories where foodstuffs are handled, such as dairies, meat or wine processing facilities. In the Technical Area, you can also find the range of 6.5x26 borders, a slim and dynamic size with exceptional technical features, ideal both for interior walls but also for exterior environments since they offer effective protection against adverse weather conditions. They also grant a high standard of insulation and improve energy performance, which is a requirement that has become essential in the modern building trade.”

Listelli formato 6,5x26 cm

RIVESTIMENTO INDUSTRIALE 13x26 ( spess. 10 mm)